First FPO site visits Sep 2017

In September 2017, we visited FPOs near Kunigal and witnessed first hand the challenges for farmers in getting a good price for their months long hard work. They are handshaking with the FPO on price, quality and payments. But there is always a concern as not all facts are available at farmers fingertips about the prices, whether they are doing a good business decision by choosing to sell to the FPO, that day and at that price. The farmer knew the Mandi price from couple of days ago but not that day. 

FPO won that day; they brought the vehicle at the farmer’s doorstep, got a weighing machine, came by to instruct about sorting and cleaning and ensured that the farmer’s crop cucumber got sloted into a better grade and a better price. 

Do not miss to notice; there are women in the entire process, cleaning, sorting, grading, taking care of livestock. Farming is not a ‘farmer’s’ business alone. It’s a family business. 

Field Collage 04unnamed1

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