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Read our exciting news: Samudra Network was chosen as a winner in National Agricultural Grand Challenge in Jan 2019

Challenges in Agriculture

Food Processors, Wholesale Buyers are facing challenges finding predictable, reliable and quality driven supply chains

Traditional Agri marketplaces are fragmented and disconnected, with low demand-supply co-relation and high “cost of sales” for farmers eating away farmer income

There is no easy way for FPOs and food processors, wholesale buyers to connect and exchange demand-supply data. Most FPOs lack real-time insights into the produce grown by their shareholder members and their day to day business operations

Samudra Network

We aim to provide a real-time and transparent market network where FPOs, agripreneurs and farmers can network with food processors, organized buyers, inputs & services suppliers to

when selling their available produce

when buying inputs and other services

for real-time demand, supply matching and transaction visibility, transparency & produce traceability

Three key elements inform all our work

User Experience
Focus on creating a simple user experience putting the value chain stakeholders in the center of our understanding, processes and product. 

Use the best of technology advancements available to achieve our mission. Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning models, Cloud and Mobile first are some basic hygiene factors for us

Fair Trade Models
Offer and enable fair trade business models and practices across the value chain ensuring the deserved share of value for all participants including marginal farmers and avoiding aggregation of influence and power in one part of the supply chain  

Samudra Network offers two agritech solutions: 

FPO Digitization  

A Mobile first Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) operations digital stack product offering powered by blockchain.  Pay as you go software (SaaS) means your organisation such as Farmer Producer Organizations, Producer Organizations and Co-operative Groups needs low capital investment to streamline their operations. Various fine tuned dashboards have all information at fingertips for decision making or sharing with partner stakeholders. (previously called Bachat App)
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Market Network  

Agri Market Network where Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO), Buyers, Suppliers and other Value Added Service providers can connect, market and manage their profiles, initiate communications and complete transactions. This makes market linkages simple and easy. Additionally our FPO Digitization tools allow you to easily join the Market Network. As a service provider, you can add or provide value added services during marketplace transactions.
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