Calibration of Input Purchases

As the FPOs (Farmer Producer Organisations) grow, the need to continuously keep cashflow positive and not have capital locked up in shelves become the key managing a farmer positive experience.  We have built tools that enable the FPO to understand the demands and calibrate their purchases of Input Supplies based on real data.  A sustainable … Continue reading Calibration of Input Purchases

Design session with the Resource Institution

The Initiatives for Development Foundation ( )  has been our partner in the first pilots to roll out the FPO solution. Together we ideate on the process, improvements and solutions that factor in varied scenarios. We lock down on what information is required to function in an informed manner at all stakeholder levels. Great … Continue reading Design session with the Resource Institution

First FPO site visits Sep 2017

In September 2017, we visited FPOs near Kunigal and witnessed first hand the challenges for farmers in getting a good price for their months long hard work. They are handshaking with the FPO on price, quality and payments. But there is always a concern as not all facts are available at farmers fingertips about the … Continue reading First FPO site visits Sep 2017

Farmer / Shareholder management for FPOs

With our FPO digitization tools, FPOs (Farmer Producer Organisations, Producer Groups or Co-operatives) can manage the data about their farmers. The FPO field staff can survey their farmers, update information and capture nuances of their harvests, farming methodologies. Together this information is corroborated by the purchases they make and their farming practices via visits by … Continue reading Farmer / Shareholder management for FPOs